Annyeong readers,

Have you ever pondered how we ethereal yet real complex beings exist? How these beautiful bodies of yours function?
How the molecular level changes in you affect the functions you perform? How there is so much gene diversity as to set each and every trait of you apart from others?
Have you ever pondered about your existence and questioned the things around you as to why the way it is?

Well then bonne chance my dear reader! Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to be fascinated by yourself, by your fellow beings. Give me the opportunity to let you explore this wonderland called Human Anatomy and Physiology and the other domains it covers.

Let’s ponder on these physiological changes resulting in gene diversity and see how they can help the human race in the long run. 

So let’s solve this mystery called human and try to decipher their traits, genetic behavior and their genomic pool.
I hope you all are ready for this amazing Adventure!